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Toyota’s Kinto One car subscription gets more plans, options – from 20k km, up to 5 years, business fleet

Kinto One, the car subscription programme by Toyota Capital Malaysia (TCM) and UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT), has announced newly enhanced packages and additional plans. Launched here in January, the programme – which originated in Japan and is now available in selected markets globally – provides you a car in exchange for an all-inclusive, fixed monthly payment.

Like all other subscription plans, it’s for those who don’t want the hassle and responsibility of owning a vehicle. The monthly payment covers the registration of the car, annual comprehensive insurance, road tax, as well as periodic and preventive maintenance.

The subscription period is for either two or three years, and once it’s up, the customer can just return the car. No need to bother about selling the car or residual values.

“Soon after we launched Kinto One, the country was ushered into another major lockdown and this has encouraged us to be more adaptive of the local happenings. Through our spirit of kaizen and structured discipline in product development, we took advantage of the recent lock down to improve Kinto One features,” said TCM president Thomas Chai.

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Kinto One subscribers now have the option to choose from different yearly mileage packages – from 20,000 km – as well as a longer subscription tenure of up to five years. There’s also the new Lite Package, described as a natural reaction to the current state where people travel less than before, but still require and easy and straightforward package.

TCM says that there’s a building demand for a full-service lease product for companies and corporations seeking to grow their fleet. Kinto One Business is therefore “designed to appeal to companies who wish to be light on their asset and lessen the unnecessary administrative works”. Commercial vehicles are available here. As with individual subscribers, everything is included in the package and maintenance is Kinto’s responsibility.

As detailed previously, virtually all popular Toyota models – Yaris to Camry, Avanza to Fortuner – are available under Kinto One. Lexus models such as the ES sedan and SUVs (UX, NX, RX) can also be had for a monthly fee. New additions to the Kinto One fleet include the Hilux pick-up truck and Hiace van. It wasn’t mentioned, but from the poster above, we can see that the Toyota Corolla Cross – launched in June – is also now available via Kinto One.

The company’s inventory and pricing can be browsed at More on how the programme works here.

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