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Proton Genuine Oil lubricants range launched – made by Petronas, fully-synthetic to mineral, RM78 to RM163

Proton has launched a range of lubricants formulated exclusively for its cars. Branded Proton Genuine Oil (PGO), the four engine oils are dubbed PGO 1 to PGO 4, ranging from fully-synthetic to mineral.

The carmaker says that PGO lubricants are formulated specifically for Proton’s engines by Petronas. Available in 5W30 SP (PGO 1, 5L, fully-synthetic), 5W30 SN (PGO 2, 4L, fully-synthetic), 10W30 SN (PGO 3, 4L, semi-synthetic) and 15W40 SN (PGO 4, 4L mineral) viscosity levels with API SP and SN ratings, the lubricants are now available at all authorised Proton service centres.

Proton says that the PGO lubricants will also be available from parts stockists, although this is currently limited to PGO 3 and PGO 4. Prices range from RM78 to RM163 per pack.

With this move, the X50 will be moving to a Petronas-based oil for the first time, replacing Shell. Also, if you’re wondering why only the PGO 1 (for X50) is a 5L pack, that’s because five litres of oil is what the car needs – X50s currently use a 4L + 1L combo.

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What about the X70 and why is it not listed here? The 1.8 litre turbo SUV will continue with Shell, as the new PGO range doesn’t have 5W-40 fully-synthetic spec the X70 needs. If the upcoming X70 facelift moves to a 1.5 litre turbo engine as rumoured, PGO 1 will be the fill.

“The launch of PGO lubricants is another step in Proton’s journey to being a premium Malaysian automotive brand. We worked closely with our partners on the formulation to ensure it met our exacting requirements and offered our customers the engine protection their Proton models deserve at an affordable price. By having a full list of products, we are also able to cover our entire model range including the latest TGDI engines used by our SUVs,” said Proton Edar CEO Roslan Abdullah.

“Looking ahead, Proton is exploring other areas where we can closely collaborate with our vendors to deliver more value to our customers. We will also exploit the strength of our dealer network, that has the largest number of 3S and 4S outlets in the country, to ensure that products such as the PGO range will be made available nationwide as quickly as possible,” he added.

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