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New Lexus RX, TX, CT and hydrogen sedan teased?

Lexus revealed three of its next-generation electric vehicles yesterday and included several photos of the cars as part of the announcement. Curiously, one of them showed not only the EVs but also several other models that have yet to be unveiled officially.

On the back row are six cars, only two of which are currently on sale – the UX and the new NX. Next to the latter is another SUV, which is almost certainly the next RX. The kinked window line and blacked-out D-pillars are obvious cues lifted from the current fourth-generation model, mixed with front end design (including the eyebrow-style daytime running lights) from the NX.

The original photo, which also includes Lexus’ future EVs

The bigger car next to the RX is more of an unknown quantity. Lexus does have a large SUV in need of a replacement in the shape of the GX, which will be twinned with the next Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. But there are also rumours of a unibody three-row SUV called the TX, which would replace the RX L and provide stiffer competition to cars like the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS, particularly in the United States.

At the other end of the spectrum is a sub-UX crossover with a funky, almost Toyota Yaris-like design, again with a kinked window line and black rear pillars. This is likely the successor to the ancient CT, which is still being sold in Japan and catering to folks who want a premium experience in a tiny package.

Last but not least is a curious large sedan that appears to be slightly larger than the ES. While it could be the next-generation LS, speculation points to Lexus’ plans to introduce a hydrogen fuel cell sedan to replace the long-serving GS, based on the rear-wheel-drive Toyota Mirai. Expect that car to feature the Mirai’s 182 PS/300 Nm electric motor and 850 km of range from its three hydrogen tanks.

Note that aside from the RX, the cars also come with a far slimmer grille than the gaping maws of typical Lexus products, with the L badge positioned above it. This means that it’s very likely that these cars will be offered as battery electric vehicles, with the obvious exception of the possible hydrogen sedan.

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