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Manila City passes new ordinance banning loud exhausts – offenders to have licenses confiscated

The city of Manila in the Philippines has passed new vehicle noise ordinance into law, known as Ordinance Number 8772, or the Motor Vehicles Modified Muffler Noise Regulation Ordinance that bans noisy exhausts in the city, as reported by Autoindustriya.

Under this new ordinance signed by mayor Isko Moreno, all motor vehicles, both public and private, will be subject to an upper limit of 99 decibels, specifically when the vehicle’s engine is operating between 2,000 rpm and 2,500 rpm.

For the first recorded offense, a penalty of 1,000 pesos (RM82), a second offense will carry a penalty of 3,000 pesos (RM247) and the third offense will carry a penalty of 5,000 pesos (RM411); each will be applied along with the removal of the offending exhaust or muffler.

There are exemptions from the ordinance, which includes vehicles used in exhibitions and in motorsport, as well as motorcycles with engines that displace a capacity of 400 cc or more, according to the city of Manila. Originally proposed as Ordinance Number 8154, the new ordinance signed into law by the mayor will be enforced by the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) and the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Motor vehicles built for exhibition or competition are exempt from Manila’s new noise law. Second row – official text of the ordinance (click to enlarge)

On this matter, tasks for the MTPB and PNP include reporting, apprehending and maintaining of records of ordinance violators and keep track of how many times a given offender has violated the ordinance, and the collecting and safeguarding of Ordinance Violations Receipts (OVRs, or summonses) being issued by the authorised enforcement officers.

This also includes the collecting and safeguarding all confiscated driver’s licenses and its return to the rightful owner one the conditions of the ordinance has been met; and the accrediting of official motor vehicle repair shops that will undertake the repairs of offending vehicles on behalf of the city.

Principal author of the ordinance, Joel T. Villanueva has clarified that will the removal of offending exhaust parts will be enforced, it will not be done at the moment of apprehension. Penalised drivers looking to retrieve their licences from the authorities will have to show that their vehicle has been satisfactorily repaired, or their licenses will not be released.

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