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Lexus RZ fully electric SUV – teaser images released

Lexus has released teaser images of the RZ, an upcoming battery-electric vehicle that is the first from the brand to be built on a dedicated BEV platform. This isn’t the first battery-electric Lexus, however, as that distinction goes to the UX 300e that has been launched in China, Indonesia and Australia.

Parent brand, Toyota unveiled its own fully electric SUV, the bZ4X in October this year, and though little else has been revealed about the RZ at this point, using the Japanese manufacturer’s dedicated EV platform means that the zero-tailpipe emissions Lexus is expected to share underpinnings with the bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra.

While the bZ4X produces 218 PS combined from its front and rear axle drive motors, the battery-electric Lexus could be more generously endowed, which could also receive the brand’s Direct4 Wheel Drive Force Control system that is being developed for the next generation of Lexus electric and hybrid models.

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From the details that are visible in the teaser images, the RZ appears to have aggressively styled headlamps like those on the IS, sharp crease lines, ducktail spoiler as well as a full-width tail lamp assembly.

According to patent filings sighted by Car and Driver, the automaker plans to use RX450e badging for its upcoming electric SUV, and speculates that it will be offered as standard and F Sport trim variants.

Sharing a base with the bZ4X means that the Lexus RZ could draw from the Toyota’s technical specifications, such as steering-by-wire and a specific drive mode for optimising drive and traction on slippery surfaces. Similarly, it could possible share the bZ4X’s ability to provide electricity through a DC outlet.

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