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Geely reaffirms goal to make Proton No.1 in Malaysia and top three in ASEAN – to support with new models

Over four years have gone by since Proton began its official partnership with Geely. Among the earliest promises at the time were: to return the national automaker back to profitability; to unseat Perodua as the top Malaysian automaker; and to leverage Proton’s manufacturing facilities to boost growth in the ASEAN region.

Now, under the newly announced Smart Geely 2025 roadmap, Geely plans to achieve a global sales target of 3.65 million units, and it will do so by entering new markets and launching more than 25 new electrified smart vehicles.

In the announcement, Geely also reaffirmed its goal to offer continued support for Proton to make it the number one automaker in Malaysia, and the top three in the ASEAN region. So far, the Proton-Geely tie-up has lived up to the promise of launching new or updated vehicles every year, and this is set to continue, along with the introduction of new products and technologies.

At the core of the Smart Geely 2025 strategy is Leishen Power, Geely’s new powertrain brand that includes a new modular hybrid powertrain platform dubbed Leishen Hi-X. There’s also other high-efficiency products such as a new hybrid transmission, dedicated hybrid engines, and a new generation E-Drive motor.

The “X90” seven-seater has recently been sighted in Malaysia

Expect the Leishen Power technologies to provide ultra-reliable hybrid vehicles, around 200 km of pure electric range for plug-in hybrid vehicles, and a number of series hybrid cars with range extenders. Some of the powertrains are even capable of firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates, so this is truly cutting-edge stuff.

Whether or not Leishen Power will find its way to Proton models remain to be seen. But as we’ve learned, the R&D for Proton’s long-running CamPro engine has ended, and the automaker is moving towards the GEP3 three-cylinder engine that was developed by Volvo and Geely. This gives Proton the opportunity to enter markets with higher regulatory requirements and stricter emissions standards.

With Perodua openly exploring hybrid technologies and new policies promoting EV growth, it’s safe to finally say that the Malaysian automotive landscape is at the cusp of a major evolution. Thoughts?

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