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Foxconn teases Foxtron EV range ahead of launch

Foxconn has released a teaser video ahead of Hon Hai Technology Day 2021 (HHTD21) depicting a trio of electric vehicles which are set to debut at the company’s event on October 18.

These will include a crossover named the Model C, shown here sporting a two-tone exterior paintwork with white for its lower to mid sections, and a gloss black finish for its bonnet, pillars and roof. Also shown here is a fastback sedan model, which also offered a fleeting glimpse of its cabin showing a curved widescreen panel that is likely to serve both driver instrumentation and infotainment functions.

Joining the SUV and sedan in the teased line-up is an electric bus, which appears to be for urban applications given its low-riding chassis for ease of passengers getting on board and disembarking. However, little else has been revealed about the bus, or any of the three vehicles for that matter.

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The Taiwanese supplier for consumer electronics has been making moves in the automotive realm of late. Earlier in May this year, Stellantis and Foxconn – also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry – announced the signing of a non-binding MoU for the forming of a new joint venture, in which both parties have an equal, 50:50 share of voting rights.

In June, Foxconn was reported as due to debut an EV platform later this year that will feature advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to enable Level 2 autonomous driving. The first-generation EV Kit in October, Foxconn said at the time.

Foxconn is also separately working with California-based Fisker for Project PEAR, another jointly produced electric vehicle,and this project will see the EV enter production in the fourth quarter of 2023. This will be subsequent to Fisker’s first EV, the Ocean, that is due to debut in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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