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Formula 1 going electric “is simply not possible” – FIA

Formula 1 will not go fully electric for quite some time, despite the automotive industry heading in that direction. This is according to International Automobile Federation (FIA) president Jean Todt, who said “it’s simply not possible,” BBC reports.

“In Formula 1, a race distance is about 200 miles (305 km). Without recharging, with the performance of the cars, electricity will not allow that. Maybe in 20 years, 30 years, I don’t know. But at the moment it would be simply impossible,” Todt explained.

There’s certainly no urgency for Formula 1 to abandon internal combustion engines altogether, as the Formula E all-electric race series already exists, and is slated to enter its eighth season next January.

A switch to electric powertrains is also something that could upset Formula 1 fans, some of which already weren’t pleased when the motorsport adopted turbocharged hybrid powertrains in 2014, bringing an end to the V8 era.

Even though Formula 1 will continue to have ICEs for the next few decades, as Todt mentioned, the motorsport will still have sustainability on its mind. “Formula One is not going to produce pollution – CO2 – which is what we need to achieve,” said Todt, who noted that continuous development of hybrid technology and the use of zero-emission fuel will contribute to this goal.

Next season will see the introduction of new Formula 1 cars that are designed to allow for closer racing, but beyond that, from 2025, cars will feature a second-generation hybrid power unit powered by a 100% sustainable fuel, meaning it will have zero net CO2 emissions.

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