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AD: Lift Your Life with TREVO – enjoy better, wide-ranging mobility solutions that elevate your lifestyle

Peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace TREVO is here to Lift Your Life! From giving you easy, instant access to a wide choice of cars for rent to the opportunity to host your own car to earn extra income (without the extra hassle) as well as extra mobility services – such as Buddy Driver, where everyone can book a personal driver at their convenience.

This holiday season, make your road trip adventures even more joyful with TREVO. From sedans and hatchbacks to SUVS and seven-seater MPVs and European convertibles and sedans, TREVO has over 150 car types and more than 4,000 cars that are being shared for rent by hosts all across Malaysia, including the Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, and Kota Kinabalu.

TREVO’s hosts lovingly care for their own cars, maintaining them to a high standard, with many host cars that are available for rent between one to four years old, guaranteeing safety, comfort, and an elevated car rental experience.

Booking a car is a painless and seamless affair on the TREVO app. With just a few taps, you’ll be driving the car that upgrades your date night, adds extra space and comfort to your daily adventures, or just handles like a dream on holiday road trips.

TREVO also offers car delivery and pick-up service, where you can have the booked vehicle delivered to you or picked up after your rental period is over. As a bonus, TREVO is offering all first-time users a wallet-friendly offer, with up to 50% Off* on your first drive.

Meanwhile, those looking to earn extra income can rent their cars out on TREVO. Let your car work and while you sit back and earn. As a TREVO host, we’ve got your back – we verify our guests to ensure your car is in good hands and we protect your car with liability protection up to two million – covering damage, injury, fire, and theft.

Additionally, new features have also been introduced. Buddy Driver is a convenient and affordable way for everyone to book a personal driver. Imagine the Buddy Driver as someone who can get you and your car home safely after a night out (and avoids a saman), or as a chauffeur for those times you’re going to spend long periods on the road (so you can rest and relax in the backseat). You can also enlist a Buddy Driver to help get your loved ones safely to where they need to be when you’re not available.

Buddy Driver is available 24 hours a day – a booking has to be made ahead, with a minimum of one hour needed to make an accepted Buddy Driver booking. Until December 31, TREVO is offering a discount for the new service – use code BD10 to enjoy 10% Off your first Buddy Driver booking.

Lift Your Life today. Download the TREVO app and sign-up now to enjoy all their mobility solutions that make your life better!

*Promo of 30% or 50% is auto-applied based on your minimum daily price of the vehicle. Offer available for first-time use only.

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