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AD: Honda Tiong Nam Body & Paint Centre in Kapar offers top-notch accident repair at competitive prices!

Every year, tens of thousands of new Honda vehicles enter the lives of their owners. They provide safe, dependable transportation and become beloved members of their respective households. But despite the brace of safety systems fitted to the latest models, accidents do happen, and while the cars will do their best to keep their occupants safe from harm, collision damage is an unavoidable part of life.

When the unthinkable happens, the best way to bring your Honda back to a like-new condition is to send it to an authorised Honda body and paint centre. Tiong Nam Motor has been serving customers in the Setia Alam area since 2012 as a Honda Authorised 3S Dealership, building on 52 years of expertise in automotive service and repair.

The company further expanded its business in 2019 with the opening of a new Honda Body & Paint Centre in nearby Kapar, adding accident repair and motor insurance claims to its portfolio of services. The world-class, purpose-built setting uses Honda’s latest benchmarked standards and was designed by a professional consultant in the auto body and paint industry to ensure a fast, efficient and high-quality repair process.

The centre features a total of 31 productive wide bays that can process at least 250 vehicles a month. There are also 50 parking spaces (25 of which are covered) for added convenience and an additional covered storage yard that allows your car to be securely stored – away from Malaysia’s harsh and damaging sunlight – while awaiting repairs.

Repair work quality is assured through the use of globally-recognised repair standards and processes and state-of-the-art equipment imported from Europe and the US. These include a computerised frame/chassis measuring system, a frame aligner and a spot cold welding machine to ensure precise measurements and perfect welding in accordance with Honda factory data.

Paint is another important aspect of collision repair. To that end, Tiong Nam Motor utilises only Honda-approved water-based paint from the world’s top-ranked paint brand for a high quality of colour and metallic flakes and increased durability while being environmentally friendly.

Accurate metering tools also deliver perfect colour matching, while the use of high-powered dry compressed air, centralised dry sanding, an integrated rail curing system and an endothermic XL paint booth provides a consistent finish. All paint work is covered by a 12-month warranty for total peace of mind.

But even the best equipment and processes mean nothing without the skilled workforce needed to handle them. All of Tiong Nam Motor’s repair personnel, including body and chassis experts, digital paint mixers, spray painters, mechanical and electrical engineers and foremen, are experienced industry experts with Honda Certified Qualified Certification. They are trained with the latest technology requirements to deliver the best repair quality in accordance to world-class standards.

Lastly, Tiong Nam Motor employs friendly, courteous, well-supported and strongly-connected management and front-facing staff. These employees are experienced in dealing with Honda Malaysia, Honda Insurance Plus (HIP) panels and other related networks to ensure the best customer service satisfaction with your interests in mind.

The skills and workmanship of the Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body & Paint Centre was recognised when the facility was selected by the Department of Skills Development under the Ministry of Human Resource as one of the sites to host the WorldSkills Malaysia Youth Competition since 2019. The winner will compete in the global WorldSkills Competition for vocational skills, held in Shanghai next year.

Despite the quality workmanship and high level of investments poured into the facility, Tiong Nam Motor’s repairs are cost-competitive (they are covered by conventional motor insurance) and are completed in the shortest possible lead time.

Needless to say, all repairs use only Honda Genuine Parts. Aftermarket workshops may utilise third-party parts which can be of good quality, but only Honda Genuine Parts can guarantee performance, durability and reliability as from the factory. With Tiong Nam Motor, you get top quality and assurance at a reasonable price.

Tiong Nam Motor recognises that accidents can be confusing and traumatic for the people involved, worsened by the presence of unscrupulous third-party tow truck operators that often swarm the scene. In such situations, customers can simply call the Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body & Paint Centre at 012-998 9375 and 012-555 7401 for 24/7 accident assistance and towing. You will be assisted by an internally-employed professional who will guide you though the entire process for your peace of mind.

The Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body & Paint Centre is located in Taman Perindustrian Kapar Bestari, less than 10 km away from the Tiong Nam Motor Honda 3S Centre in Setia Alam – you can find your way there using Waze here. Visit the official Tiong Nam Motor Honda website or Facebook page to know more. You can also experience the Tiong Nam Motor Honda Body and Paint Centre virtually here.

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