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ACO Tech hints at more services like in-car payments, digital radio, usage-based insurance for Proton GKUI?

It appears that ACO Tech is working with more partners to increase the number of connected services it offers in the future, according to the information found on the company’s official website. In the “digital driving experience” section of ACO Tech’s “product and solutions” page, we can see things like smart fuel pump, smart parking, emergency assistant, in-car payment and usage-based insurance listed as features that are coming soon.

Meanwhile, the list of partners that ACO Tech is working with includes Govicle, Syok, DriveMark, Katsana and Fasspay, with each having some relevance to the services that ACO Tech are working on.

Going company by company, Govicle, which was previously known as JomParkir, focuses on vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology and operates an app providing services such as smart parking, smart servicing (live monitoring of vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance), smart security (GPS tracking and SOS function), smart agent (motor insurance and road tax renewal) and smart ticketing (e-ticketing for events and travel).

Meanwhile, Syok was introduced by Astro Radio as a multilingual entertainment and lifestyle platform that provides users with digital radio, and could be included in the next GKUI (Global Key User Interface) software update that will go into the infotainment systems found in Proton models like the X70, X50, Iriz and Persona.

Moving on, DriveMark was initiated by parent company Katsana, the latter focusing on real-time GPS tracking of vehicles, be it individually or for fleet customers. DriveMark aims to rewards safe drivers with monthly car insurance rebates, which is done via a dedicated app that assigns a score based on four elements: braking, acceleration, speeding and cornering.

Lastly, Fasspay offers merchants a range of integrated financial services, including contactless payment. The company, a subsidiary of Soft Space, was appointed a third-party acquirer for MyDebit, the nation’s domestic debit card scheme, in April this year by Paynet, the national payments network and shared central infrastructure for Malaysia’s financial markets.

For now, it isn’t mention when any of the new features will be made available to users, and if they will be integrated into other systems besides Proton’s GKUI. ACO Tech has already begun counting down to a reveal that is set to take place on September 30, so we’ll hopefully get more info then.

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