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2022 Yamaha R6 Race, R6 GYTR – two for the track

With racing very much in Yamaha’s corporate DNA since 1955, the release of the 2022 Yamaha R6 Race and R6 GYTR racetrack only middleweights continue that tradition. Deliveries of the R6 Race is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022 with the R6 GYTR available only from Yamaha Pro Shop dealerships, of which there are currently four in the UK.

Designed for competition in the Supersport class, the R6 comes with a 599 cc, inline four-cylinder producing 118.4 PS at 14,500 rpm and 61.6 Nm of torque at 10,500 rpm. Lightweight forged pistons give a 13.1:1 compression ratio coupled with titanium valves with the engine package coupled to a six-speed close ratio quickshifter equipped gearbox.

Everything is tied together in an aluminium Deltabox frame with magnesium sub-frame. As per its racing intentions, the R6 Race and R6 GYTR omit everything not required for track duties, including all necessary legal equipment like headlights, mirrors, signals and horn in the interests of weight reduction.

Braking is done with twin radial-mount four-piston brake callipers on 320 mm discs on the front wheel. Suspension uses items from KYB, with full-adjustable forks in front, with technology taken from the Yamaha R1 superbike, and a monoshock at the back, also fully-adjustable.

17-litres of fuel is carried in the lightweight aluminium fuel tank and the whole package weighs 185 kg, fully filled and ready to go. For the R6 GYTR which comes clad in white carbon reinforced plastic, things are taken up a notch with the installation of items such as an ABS emulator, allowing for ABS pump removal, block plates for the air intake, racing sprockets with special 520 chain and fully adjustable rear sets for fine tuning of the riding position as well as a full titanium Akrapovic race exhaust.

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